Would you like some crumpets with your tea and cancer epidemiology?  We were invited to discuss current research in cancer epidemiology with leading faculty at the Moffitt Cancer Center here in Tampa Bay.  We also talk about the history of cancer and how we knew about the dangers of tobacco and smoking way before the 1950s.

Also, a shoutout to the Health Impact Partners new resource tool for Health Departments:

Special thanks to the wonderful epidemiology team at Moffitt:

Peter Kanetsky, PhD, MPH
Anna R. Giuliano, PhD
Jong Y. Park, PhD
Christine M. Pierce, PhD, MPH
Stephanie L. Schmidt, PhD, MPH

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  • julie Kessel

    Awesome show. Love the format. Also new info that EBV may cause nasopharyngeal cancer. Lots of other examples. Also infectious disease agents well known to be “co-factors” to developing cancer – like CMV, HSV, EBV – leads to Kaposis, liver, nasopharyngeal, rerpoductive. Other category of cancer causing things now includes drugs used to suppress the immune system such as in treating autoimmune disease, and the new group of drugs called “biologics” which manipulate the immune system in order to fight cancer (ironically) and treat immune diseases (typically autoimmune)

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